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Beauty Bliss BikiniTM
las vegas bikini wax

Beauty Bliss Spa is the go-to place for any woman considering a bikini wax, as we are known for our gentle Signature Beauty Bliss Brazilian Wax. We wax swift and thoroughly in a calm and nurturing atmosphere to relax our client so she can have the best experience possible.

No longer just for "vacation" and "Valentine's day" bikini waxing's popularity has increased, earning us a loyal clientele that appreciates grooming and cleanliness. Bikini waxing is a safe, quick and effective method of removing hair from the root giving you a smooth bikini line for 3-6 weeks. For best results ensure hair growth is at least 1/4 inch long.
not recommended.

   Beauty Bliss Basic BikiniTM             $35
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   Beauty Bliss G-string BikiniTM         $45
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   Beauty Bliss Brazilian BikiniTM        $65
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Why Choose Beauty Bliss Spa`s Bikini Waxing?

a. wax experts – after the initial licensing we took special training in Cirepil French Waxing method to ensure we are precise, proficient and your experience is "as-painless-as possible".

b.“wow wax” – it does help that we use a gentle wax that shrink-wraps around the hair instead of sticking to the delicate skin – it makes for a more pleasant experience & return clientele.

c. cleanliness is next to Godliness! - last but not least we keep our waxing setting germ free – we don`t double dip and use disposable spatulas, gloves, bikinis & bed coverings.