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Known as the brow guru among perfectionists, Roxana devotes her days to perfectly manicuring brows at Beauty Bliss Spa. The ultimate face-lift, her brow shaping instantly 'lifts and brightens' your whole facial expression.

"I've been shaping eyebrows for over 20 years. I do not follow trends, instead I like to sculpt natural, elongated eyebrows that are not too thin to complement each face beautifully."   Roxana

Creating perfect eyebrows is not just about waxing, tweezing and trimming! It is about creating a look to flatter your individual features. It's all about bringing out your own natural beauty.

Eyebrows vary in shape, color, length, thickness & it is simply an art to give each client their best look – you've got to have an 'eye' for it! It really doesn`t matter which method you use (threading; waxing; tweezing…etc.), ultimately you have to know how to shape.

"We've got the 'science' of brows shaping down to art!"

Roxana makes sure that every client leaves with perfectly shaped eyebrows every single time, as she truly believes that professionally groomed brows make a remarkable difference - they define your eyes and refine your look.

Dr Oz's The Truth About Plastic Surgery

Dr. Oz and Dr. Youn discuss how you can get the exact same results of a brow lift from a brow wax without surgery. Click to view video and forward to minute 2:20 for the segment on brows.  


imagine the instant face-lift effect that you`ll have from perfectly arched eyebrows in a matter of minutes. We achieve this coveted arch in 3 simple steps: waxing, trimming & tweezing down to the last few hairs to make a dramatic difference.
Sooo….flattering! Rumors might start that you had a ”face-lift!”
not recommended.


look impeccably groomed with a polished, yet natural arch that makes a huge difference in your appearance! For a clean, manly look, we simply wax, tidy-up and trim the eyebrows. Subtlety is the key word here.
It might result in overconfidence!
not recommended.

  shape up!         $24 & up    
  when brows need reshaping

  keep up!           $24    
  brow maintenance

  tweezing only!  $25    
  when wax is not recommended

In addition to creating a flawless shape, Roxana expertly blends the perfect color tint to achieve the natural immaculately groomed look. Tinting makes sparse eyebrows appear more lush and defined.

  brow tinting         $22