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Roxana believes in natural, simple and effective skin care, with a core philosophy that thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated skin is the key to a flawless complexion. Regardless of age, skin-type or skin-condition, thorough cleansing and gentle exfoliation encourages our skin to regenerate faster and optimizes the efficacy of beauty products and treatments.

Roxana`s fascination with the process of transformation and enhancement of the skin has led her to design safe anti-aging treatments to combat the effects commonly associated with a cosmopolitan life style. Her aim is to restore urban skin that appears dull, dehydrated and showing early signs of aging to its vibrant, youthful state. Every facial is unique and tailored-made to each individual complexion.

Her distinct approach to skin care is present in all aspects of your experience at Beauty Bliss Spa. Each client walking thru her door receives a dedicated one-on-one consultation that takes into consideration their unique skin-type, goals and life style.

From the exquisite scent of the fresh lavender mask….to the hydrating feeling of the oxygen blast serum…and the visible face-lifting effects of time-tested Japanese facial massage, Roxana`s treatments are designed to enhance each other and give you the results you want:

"Clean, clear & glowing skin!"

Equally sought after is her expert eyebrow shaping. The youthful, natural and elongated eyebrow that is not too thin became her trademark, while her unique ability to find the last few "strays" that gives a polished arch to every client earned Roxana a crowd of loyal fans.

"No one grooms and shapes quite the same!"

As a certified international Kundalini Yoga teacher, Roxana is happy to share healthy breathing techniques, that are easy to incorporate even with the busiest schedule. These simple steps will enhance your treatment experience and take your home beauty regimen to a whole new level.

Her clients enjoy the confidence that comes from flawless, vibrant complexion and beautiful eyebrows. Her goal is to inspire and educate everyone to reach their personal best.