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Facials & Skin Care Treatments

Ko Bi Do Organic Japanese Facial

After cleansing and exfoliating with the purest organic Ko Bi Do products formulated by Master Dr. Shogo Mochizuki, the skin is treated with the most effective and refined Japanese facial massage. A unique art & science, Ko Bi Do is designed to stimulate the facial nerves, improve the flow of blood and oxygen to the skin and remove toxins & dead skin cells allowing the skin to regenerate itself. An organic rejuvenating mask is applied and the treatment completed with lipids (Ko Bi Do's signature moisturizer). What an experience!... You will be thinking of cherry blossoms for days to come!
read more.     not recommended.

60 min. - $98    
 add shiatsu to your facial -     15 min. - $30    
maintenance between full Ko Bi Do facial treatments -     40 min. - $68    

• Ko Bi Do is the Japanese traditional & most advanced treatment for wrinkles and the best prevention for them.
• Ko Bi Do treatment addresses a full range of facial concerns such as dry & oily skin, acne, wrinkles, age spots and poor facial tone.
• Very popular treatment & the perfect gift certificate.

Ajara Organic Ayurvedic Facial

Our take on the Basic facial, this detail-driven treatment combines skin-type specific cleansing, exfoliation, tension-melting massage (shoulder, upper arm, neck, décolleté, & face), extractions (manual pore cleansing), refining mask and is completed with a regenerating moisturizer. The treatment is achieved with a unique blend of organic, Ayurvedic herbs, plants, flower extracts and essential oils customized to balance your complexion. Choose from Vata (dry skin), Pitta (sensitive or Rosacea skin) or Kapha (oily skin).
read more.     not recommended.

60 min. - $85                        90 min. - $98     
• A fabulous choice for facial fans or maintenance between more specific treatments.
• Very popular gift certificate.
• If you're allergic to essential oils or pregnant communicate with your aesthetician so she'll use fragrance free products during the treatment.


This ambitious deep-pore-cleansing facial combats hyperactivity in combination, acne & blemished skins with oil-controlling cleanser, gentle exfoliation, the necessary extractions (manual pore-purging), post-extractions high-frequency treatment to minimize pores and keep bacteria in check, a detoxifying mask and a balancing moisturizer.
not recommended.

60 min. - $85                        90 min. - $98     
• A must for the clear skin conscious and a wise choice for acne and hyperactive teenage skin.

Beauty Bliss Resculpting FacialTM

Also known as microcurrent face-lift, microcurrent facial is like a “work-out” for your face. Recognized as one of the world`s most advanced, non-invasive, anti-aging and regenerating treatments, COMPU-LIFT machine emits a mild current that visibly enhances the contours of the face by instantly tightening , energizing, lifting and firming.

The state-of-the-art COMPU-LIFT machine especially designed by the reputable, award-winning Silhouet-Tone™ works in harmony with our own natural bioelectrical currents to soften facial–lines, diminish puffiness, tighten the jaw line, firm the eye area, lift and define the cheekbones.

Effective as it is luxurious, this perfect pre-event treatment increases oxygen and blood flow to the epidermis, stimulating collagen and elastin production to restore skin suppleness for an overall more refreshed, rested, appearance and a fabulous photo-ready complexion.
not recommended.

60 min. - $98    


This safe resurfacing treatment uses a spray of micronized corundum crystals (a natural mineral of the same family as ruby and sapphire) to slough off dead skin cells, helping to reduce the appearance of age-spots, fine-lines, sun-damaged skin and stimulating the formation of new collagen and elastin while encouraging new healthy cell growth. Following with a calming mask, customized massage, a good layer of regenerating moisture is applied and the treatment is completed with the appropriate sunscreen protection. Your skin is left clear, radiant and super-smooooooooth!
read more.     not recommended.

60 min. - $98      
add extractions    15 min. - $30      

• Very good choice for minimizing large pores and decongesting the skin.
• Book one treatment to jump-start your skin regimen or we can recommend a series of 3-6 treatments based on your current skin condition.
• For good measure neck & décolleté is also included with the treatment.
• Ever popular, the tried and tested microdermabrasion is here to stay & makes a coveted gift certificate.

Mini Microdermabrasion

Starts with cleansing, two passes over face and neck with a spray of corundum crystals (a natural mineral of the same family as ruby and sapphire), moisturizer and is completed with the appropriate sunscreen protection. Skin refining on its own this mini-session is a perfect choice between the full Microdermabrasion treatments.
read more.     not recommended.

35 min. - $68    
add Vitamin A, C & E infused Oxygen Spray    15 min. - $30    

Oxygen PurifyingTM

A super-hydrating line-smoother, this treatment uses a fruit acid wash, massage with liquid minerals and regenerating vitamins A,C & E, a hydrating enzyme pack and is finished with a rich vitamins and amino acids laced serum in a blast of pure oxygen that nourishes the skin pore by pore (face, eye area, neck & décolleté)……Aaah……a true breath of fresh air!
read more.     not recommended.

60 min. - $98    
add extractions    15 min. - $30    

• Recommended for tired, aging, sun-damaged, jet-lagged, rosacea, smoker's skin, acne (excellent choice for acne condition due to the anti-bacterial effect of the serum used) and sensitive & blemished skin.
• The absence of extractions makes it perfect for same-day events as there`s no downtime.
• Results are immediate, but oxygen therapy continues to work long after the treatment stimulating cell regeneration.
• Very popular gift certificate.

Bliss Out!
microdermabrasion / oxygen

Our most popular complexion reviver uses just enough microdermabrasion to whisk away dead skin cells, reducing the appearance of fine-lines & age-spots. We follow with extractions (manual pore cleansing), a soothing mask, massage, hydrating enzyme pack and completed with a rich spray of vitamin A, C & E infused pure oxygen. Skin is left baby smooth and immaculate.     not recommended.

85 min. - $136    

• Recommended for all skin types, but especially good for tired, aging, sun-damaged or blemished skin with uneven appearance and enlarged pores.
• The perfect marriage between microdermabrasion & oxygen this treatment is Godsend since you don`t have to book two separate appointments.
• Very, very popular gift certificate.

Alpha Beta Power PeelTM

An award-winning, skin-firming and glow-getting dermatologist’s formula has a super potent exfoliating and regenerating action which corrects aging, discolored, sun-damaged and acneic skin. In short, the combination of peels used in this lightening, non-irritating formula provides 3 main benefits to the skin:
• Anti-Aging lactic, glycolic and citric acids
• Acne Clearing willow bark extract, and salicylic acid
• Brightening malic acid and Retinol
not recommended.

30 min. - $68    
with facial    60 min. - $98    
  Video: Alpha Beta Peel
• Click on the image above to view Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel video.
• Wildly popular gift certificate.
• The synergy between the professional version that we provide and the at home version, purchased to maintain skin between professional treatments, delivers immediate, visible firming and enhanced radiance.

Quick Fix

The ultimate lunch-time facial, includes a customized cleansing, exfoliation, relaxing face massage or extractions (manual pore cleansing) and an individualized mask. A great pick-me-up when needed suitable for all skin types and a good choice between regular facials.
not recommended.

40 min. - $54    
• Is it lines & wrinkles or is it blackheads & blemishes? - Always communicate with your aesthetician so she can address your concerns with the appropriate treatment.

Back Fix

We can now perform our entire Pore-fection procedure on your back.
not recommended.

60 min. - $85                        90 min. - $98     
• Slip into that beautiful backless dress with confidence and show off a healthy blemish free back!     
• Truly purifying.