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"Roxana is exceptional, love how she takes the time to
further her knowledge and gives back with amazing facials."
Rebecca Novo    


I am 38 years old, but thanks to Roxana's treatments and care I still get carded. Roxana is not an aesthetician, she is an artist. After seeing her I feel good inside and out. Roxana is the best! I have been seeing her since 1989, and I would never consider seeing anybody else in Vegas!
Lisa B.

I would like to say that Roxana's continuing education has enhanced her appeal to me. I love the facials and waxing. The products are natural and the atmosphere she provides is personal. I would recommend Roxana and Beauty Bliss Spa again and again to my friends and family. She is the best with quality and service, and the rich environment surrounds you for a total spa experience.
Laura Hamilton

Superior service for the discerning clientele, hands down the best eyebrow shaping in Las Vegas.
Austen Bustos

Roxana is exceptional, love how she takes the time to further her knowledge and gives back with amazing facials.
Rebecca Novo

Roxana and Beauty Bliss - truly amazing! Roxana is not only a well trained and extremely knowledgeable professional... She's beyond that! She is an artist, shaping eye brows better than nature itself. She also has the natural ability to feel what your body/skin needs and provides services beyond your wildest expectations. After a facial, I feel like a new person - radiant, healthy, happy, and beautiful. I always leave her feng-shui organized studio feeling relaxed and inspired with new life changing ideas. She doesn't cease to happily share all the new things she constantly learns! Combined with the fact that I am able to get an appointment at my convenience, makes Roxana the best professional I will trust and embrace forever.
Nevyana Trifonova

I have been going to Roxana as my aesthetician for the past 7 years and I hope to continue going to her for the next 70! She is incredibly knowledgeable about wrinkle prevention and skin care treatments incorporating the most unique, proven techniques. Roxana’s oxygen facial treatment is one of my favorites as it instantly imparts a more youthful facial appearance while counteracting the skin’s dryness and roughness caused by the desert environment. Roxana has perfected the KoBiDo facial massage that instantly lifts, leaving a fresh-looking face. Roxana is a breath of fresh air and is truly dedicated to making her clients look and feel great.
Pauline L.

I have been coming to Roxana for years to get my eyebrows done. I absolutely love them.
Wendy Sanchez

My relationship with Roxana started over 12 years ago. Throughout the years, Roxana has always treated me with the utmost professional care and respect. She is very thorough and knowledgeable in every service that she offers. She has always used the finest and most up to date products for skin care and she continuously strives to improve her professional skills as the years go on. She strives, and succeeds, at creating a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for all services offered and truly listens to your questions and concerns before performing any service. Roxana's experience and professional wisdom have allowed her to create a brand for herself. There is truly no one more dedicated to providing you with the most enjoyable experience possible.
Kristin Rowe

I went to Roxana for the first time last week. This was my last attempt to find a decent aesthetician. Roxana not only did an amazing job, but she was so very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. My eyebrows are shaped exactly the way I wanted them! She listens and will not disappoint.
Emily Irving

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